Check out our new fun space song, The Sun Song and sing along with your little ones. We have created  simple fun space songs for young kids to sing along and learn about the Sun. This is a first creation of more space songs to share with our young audience a way to get together during these times of separation. Don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel to get more educational videos on astronomy.

Background: The Sun Song was directed and composed by The Travelling Telescope directors Chu and Suzi, who are a married couple. The stars of the Sun Song are their three children. All the shots (of Earth) were done from their home during Lockdown caused by Covid-19 pandemic.

Activity1: Contribute to our global campaign by recording your little one singling /dancing/jumping along to The Sun Song and share the video with us.

Activity 2: Encourage your little one to draw/paint/write a poem about the Sun and share the image with us

Activity 3: Translate the song into your local language and share the video or audio with us

Activity 4: Perhaps for older kids who are musical, encourage them to record their own version of The Sun Song and share it with us

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