These family-friendly fun evenings are the perfect combination of music, food and astronomy. They are generally held in Nairobi, and offer:

•Sky-viewing through telescopes and binoculars

•Laser-guided sky tours


•Movie screenings

•Lots of fun science activities

•Music, food and drinks


You can either add a Star Camp to your existing trip or we can plan one out for you! In addition to the experiences you would get at a Star Party, the darker skies provide lots of opportunities to view deep sky objects. It’s the perfect opportunity to bond with a group of close friends or family under a blanket of stars. Tried and tested locations include Mt. Suswa, Naivasha and Olepolos.


We’ve had great success setting up a mobile planetarium, screening space movies and engaging in all kinds of fun activities with children in malls like Galleria and The Sarit Centre. Any open space is perfect to set up a planetarium and captivate people.


We try to reach out to groups of people who would never otherwise get the wonderful opportunity to look through a telescope. We are proud to have reached thousands of such people through our outreach events in Lake Magadi and Rujewa (Tanzania).


If you’d like to volunteer or intern with us, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch with us on the ‘Contact Us’ page.


Meet Your Universe

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