We believe astronomy is an extension of our natural world. We collaborate with various lodges to provide a stargazing experience that perfectly complements wild safaris. We have previously partnered with Serena, Diamond Beach Resort, Lentore, El Karama, Enasoit, Eliye Spring in Turkana and Lake Nakuru Lodge.


We offer packages tailored specifically for the perfect photo experience of the night sky.


Celestial events are very easy to forecast, and we arrange trips for people to witness these wonders. Such phenomena are best viewed through the lens of a telescope. Notable trips include eclipses which we partnered with Bundus Travel (ROTEC 2013 in Turkana, the September 2016 eclipse in Rujewa), meteor showers (Geminids in December 2015) and supermoons (the most recent one was on 14th November 2016).


Meet Your Universe

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