Meet the founders


The Travelling Telescope is dedicated to promoting science and technology using astronomy. Astronomy has the ability to spark a sense of wonder and curiosity in people, and it is an amazing platform from which to encourage people to pursue science and exploration.

Our journey began when Chu and Susan met during the 2013 solar eclipse in Turkana. The idea of combining Susan’s experience in educational outreach with Chu’s passion for the technical aspects of astronomy gave birth to The Travelling Telescope. We’ve currently grown to a team of astronomers. Our staff comprises astronomy outreach professionals and astronomy graduates from the University of Nairobi.


We aim to engage people from all walks of life and get them passionate about exploring the night sky. Nobody is too young or too old to get involved. We provide all the tools necessary – all anyone needs is to show up and be curious. The project has two streams – school visits and public events.

We regularly visit both government and private schools, and expose students to a variety of astronomy tools, resources and concepts. Giving students practical, hands-on experience with astronomy is important if we are to inspire young people to be the scientists of tomorrow.

When we aren’t getting children excited about the spectacular Universe, we’re busy organising diverse events at various locations where people can stargaze, follow guided tours of the night sky, and learn more about the cosmos we live in.

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