Check out our new fun space song, The Sun Song and sing along with your little ones. We have created  simple fun space songs for young kids to sing along and learn about the Sun. This is a first creation of more space songs to share with our young audience a way to get together during these times of separation. Don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel to get more educational videos on astronomy.

Background: The Sun Song was directed and composed by The Travelling Telescope directors Chu and Suzi, who are a married couple. The stars of the Sun Song are their three children. All the shots (of Earth) were done from their home during Lockdown caused by Covid-19 pandemic.

Activity1: Contribute to our global campaign by recording your little one singling /dancing/jumping along to The Sun Song and share the video with us.

Activity 2: Encourage your little one to draw/paint/write a poem about the Sun and share the image with us

Activity 3: Translate the song into your local language and share the video or audio with us

Activity 4: Perhaps for older kids who are musical, encourage them to record their own version of The Sun Song and share it with us


Airbus Foundation Discovery Space is an online portal that helps students understand science through a world of aerospace. As the youth partners of Airbus Foundation we invite teachers and parents to engage students with STEM. If you would like to explore this project with your students either as a school or an individual, we are happy to offer training and support to your students.  We have already shared this project with hundreds of schools in Kenya, feel free to register with us and join in learning about the  aerospace industry.

Activity: Join the Moon challenge competition NOW!

(To join the competition register with us by subscribing to our emailing list. All you will need is a computer and internet).

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The Cosmic Quiz Live is a bi-weekly astronomy live online quiz for families and friends. Our guests join in our Zoom link and participate in the quiz through buzzing in when they have an answer. The moderators give the first to buzz in a chance to answer the question and if right they get a star. Teams are randomly grouped by country, our previous participants are India, South Africa, Canada,  USA, Britain, Scotland, France, Ghana, Nigeria, Serbia, Belgium and Kenya. We hope that we can have many more teams participate in the quiz and have fun as you interact with seasoned astronomers and space scientists. The categories include a music round and a picture round.

Join us for the next cosmic Quiz Live on Saturday 30th May 2020 the following times

6pm London

8pm Nairobi

1pm New York

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This is a student from a rural school in Kenya’s Maasai Mara region observing the Moon – you can see its bright light in his eye.  The school has few resources but the students are very keen to discover more from this practical astronomy session.



We partner with Airbus Foundation and The Little Engineer to bring an up-to-date robotics and space workshop to schools across Kenya.  There is no better way to engage students with their future than by exposing them to the possibilities of technology with hands on-activities.


We take our project all over, and frequently find ourselves sharing experiences and thoughts with a hugely diverse range of people, from primary school children in Nairobi to Maasai Elders in the Rift Valley.


Using top quality telescopes, we guide you through the jaw dropping array of objects in the sky that this wondrous invention allows.  400 years ago only a handful of humans had ever seen what is usually hidden from our view by distance.  Today we are able to share this previously unseen world with anyone interested enough to look.  The photo above was taken through one of our large aperture telescopes at the widest view – we can zoom in much further and see craters 12km across!