Space Camp

Is your kid nuts about space? Do they need to get out of the house and explore the Universe? Then we have something for them!! The Travelling Telescope will run Space Camps at Riverside Drive.

Space Camp Schedule

Space Robotics

The kids will learn how to build rovers that will go to Mars and will be powered on Mars. They will launch a rocket and learn how to communicate back on Earth. All the sessions will involve some constructing and commanding their rovers. The session is ideal for kids between 8 and 14 years. We will provide the kits and the laptops for their use. 


  • Session 1 – Building & controlling the rover  – Day 1
  • session 2 – Building & launching the rocket in space  – Day 2 
  • Session 3 – Sustainability with powering the base – Day 3 
  • Session 4  – Communicating back on earth  – Day 4


This session will focus on the telescope, how to use it and what to look for. This is a guide of what the kids will do but we may need more time in some sessions like the practical telescope use. These sessions are ideal for kids who are 10 years and above


  • Session 1 – Introduction to telescopes, different types and how to operate them – Day 1 
  • Session 2 – Stellarium (a useful software to help navigate the sky) – Day 2
  • session 3 – Robotic telescopes – National Schools Observatory & Asteroid search – Day 3

Space Art

Art is a useful tool in communicating science. In today’s world we now talk of STEAM where the A stands for Art. With these sessions we encourage kids to use their creativity in art to communicate what astronomy means to them or how they understand different concepts. Normally we will guide the younger kids through an artistic process. The session is ideal for kids between 4 – 9 years


  • Session 1  – Constellation lacing cards  – cardboards with thread is used to make constellations while introducing the history of astronomy  – Day 1 
  • Session 2  – Moon Art where the kids will make their own models of the phases of the Moon with materials we will list –Day 2
  • Session 3 – Picture of our galaxy – our skilled [instructor will guide the kids to make a painting of our gala[xy with the planets and our Sun.  – Day 3 
  • Session 4  – Building a [rocket with readily available materials  – Day 4
  • Session 5 – Solar system model with plasticine – Day 5

Travelling Telescope

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